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Medical Schools + Medical Centers LAS Medical Coaches provide individual, small group, and workshop sessions for students and residents of allopathic and osteopathic medicine, nursing programs, physician assistant programs, physical therapy programs, and more.

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LAS Medical Coaching™ Loren and the LAS Medical Coaches design integrative plans with clear objectives and measurable goals. They consult and train learning specialists, faculty, and administrators and can develop a framework for your wellness center that brings LAS Medical Coaching™ to you!

LAS Curriculum Design

LAS Curriculum Design begins with a needs assessment and interviews with key stakeholders. Whether consulting with an individual, department, or an entire hospital, Loren and the LAS Team specialize in curriculum design and include lesson plans with clear learning objectives, resources with tangible workflow, and actionable steps with measurable goals.

Following a needs assessment, LAS Medical Coaches™ integrate core competencies and differentiated instruction. LAS Curriculum Design provides tangible workflow with instruction and coaching services to engage a department, small groups, or individuals. LAS Curriculum Design checks the boxes. It promotes consensus building with successful outcomes.

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Faculty Training

LAS trains the trainer, including faculty, staff, physicians, clinicians, and allied health professionals. Through a collaborative process, LAS designs and provides corresponding material for professional development, study planning, and coursework. LAS trainings, supervision, workshops, and seminars are available as a series or “stand-alone” meetings. LAS customizes coaching and support services. Ask LAS about LAS Medical Coaching™ and workshop options, in-persona and via videoconference.

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Consulting services in Medical Education

LAS provides consulting services for medical schools, nursing schools, PA Programs, PT Programs, and major medical centers. LAS consulting services include curriculum design with measurable goals, training the trainer, and change management.

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Grand Rounds, Seminars, Boot Camps, and Workshops

LAS collaborates with students, faculty, departments, and medical centers to design and implement didactic and interactive learning experiences. The LAS Team begins with a scheduled meeting to clarify goals, expectations, and measurable outcomes. Recent titles from LAS curricula:

  • “Modes of Learning for M1”
  • “Integrative Learning for M2 with Preparation for the USMLE Step 1”
  • “Upgrading study skills: An adaptive and sustainable framework for learning in medical education”
  • “Train the Trainer”
  • “Curriculum Development and Instruction in Medical Education”
  • “Advising and Mentoring in Medical Education”
  • “Developing a Roadmap for Learning and Achievement”
  • “Using design thinking to address burnout in medical education”
  • “Preparation for Learning in your medical school: A Pre-Matriculation Workshop”
  • “Mitigating Stress and Test-Taking Anxiety on High Stakes Exams”
  • “Advanced learning strategies for residents and fellows”
  • “Time Management vs Procrastination: How to Address Both”




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Wellness Centers

With higher rates of stress, burnout, anxiety, and other mental health conditions, wellness centers, are a priority for schools and hospitals. LAS has always prioritized wellness and mental health since it began on a university campus with a major medical center, 30 years ago.

LAS Founder, Loren Deutsch is a licensed clinical social worker and educational therapist. She designed the LAS Medical Coaching Model due to a culture of silence around mental health and a lack of diversity and representation in medical education.

Below are recent titles of groups and workshops that LAS designed for current Wellness Centers:

  • “Contending with Burnout in Medical Education”
  • “Personal Wellbeing for Residents”
  • “Remediation and ‘Pre-mediation’ in Medical Education”
  • “Dealing with Failure”
  • “Essential Ingredients for High-Stakes Exam Prep: A Research-Based Approach for Learning”


Students, residents, and early career physicians experience emotional fatigue and burnout at rates much higher than the general public.

Create a Well-Being Center at Your Medical School or Medical Center

LAS is committed to upholding diversity, inclusion, and representation, eliminating barriers to academic and career success, and removing the culture of silence and stigma associated with learning and psychological difficulties so that all individuals learn, achieve, and succeed in school and work, with equal access to healthcare. LAS believes that mental health can be discussed and supported, rather than persist silently.

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