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Medical Schools and Medical Centers: Supporting medical schools and medical centers through curriculum design, faculty training, medical education consulting, student workshops, well-being centers.

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Whether you’re searching for medical education consulting, faculty training, or curriculum design - we are ready to provide support for your medical school or medical center.

Curriculum Design

Curriculum design is the gateway to all LAS services and we’re proud to provide support for medical schools and medical centers across the country. We keep in mind that the most powerful connection to our students and faculty starts with the simplest of actions: listening! After an initial meeting to clarify goals, we design a plan for the faculty or department that includes identified learning objectives, specified resources, evidence-based strategies, and measurable outcomes.  Whether you’re a director evaluating new ways to teach core competencies or looking for ways to include more representation in your curriculum, we are here to help.

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Faculty Training

Faculty training is one of our core services for medical schools and medical centers. LAS specializes in training the trainer, which includes faculty, physicians, clinicians, and other professionals. Through a collaborative process, we design and provide corresponding material for professional development, study planning, and coursework. LAS trainings, supervision, workshops, and seminars may be designed as a series of offerings or “stand-alone” meetings. Design, implementation, and LAS support is customized and may include one-on-one meetings or other configurations.

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Medical Education Consulting

The hallmark of our medical education consulting model is a relational approach to mentoring. LAS currently provides consulting options for institutions such as medical schools, medical centers, and residency programs. These services include from 1:1 support for residents and department-wide workshops. LAS also has a proven track record when it comes to consulting with medical schools and medical centers on specialized educational services like execution functioning support, curriculum design, and implementation of IEPs and 504 plans.

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Student Workshops

At LAS, the most important thing we do is help our students learn, achieve, and succeed. Through our Student Workshops, we provide interactive test prep workshops, trainings, and seminars for small and large student groups in medical education. The benefit? Our students are able to work in a collaborative format with their peers, receive additional assistance, and feel more confident throughout their medical education journey.



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Well-Being Centers

As medical professionals increasingly struggle with the challenges of burnout, well-being, and the idea of resilience, Well-Being Centers have emerged as a priority for faculty, researchers, residents, and students in the academic medicine community. At LAS, we’re committed to helping our students and faculty overcome these challenges through a variety of strategic and collaborative approaches. Explore some of Loren Deutsch’s research on how design thinking can be utilized to address burnout or how personal wellbeing of residents can lead to greater academic success.

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Whether you’re searching for medical education consulting, faculty training, or curriculum design - we are ready to provide support for your medical school or medical center.

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