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Schools + Medical Centers Providing coaching, curriculum design, and consulting services for student workshops, orientation boot camps, faculty training, and professional development seminars.

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LAS individual education plans contain learning and achievement goals that integrate with physical health and personal well-being. LAS consults to wellness centers and brings LAS Medical Coaching™ to you!

Curriculum Design

LAS designs individual curriculum and departmental lessons for individuals or groups. LAS Plans include learning objectives, specified resources, research-based strategies, and measurable goals.

LAS Medical Coaches™ conduct a needs assessment and interview key stakeholders. Whether consulting to a department or an entire hospital, LAS begins by listening!

LAS Medical Coaches™ can provide differentiated instruction, new strategies for evaluating core competencies, and identifies the local spheres of influence that lead to consensus building.

LAS is committed to upholding diversity, inclusion, and representation, eliminate barriers to academic success and remove the culture of silence and stigma associated with learning and psychological difficulties in medical education.

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Faculty Training

LAS trains the trainer, including faculty, staff, physicians, clinicians, and allied health professionals. Through a collaborative process, LAS designs and provides corresponding material for professional development, study planning, and coursework. LAS trainings, supervision, workshops, and seminars are available as a series or “stand-alone” meetings. LAS customizes coaching and support services. Ask LAS about LAS Medical Coaching™ and workshop options, in-persona and via videoconference.

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Consulting in Med Ed

LAS Medical Coaches™ provide consulting options for medical schools, nursing schools, PA Programs, PT Programs, and medical centers. Services include curriculum design, training the trainer, and one-on-one LAS Medical Coaching™.

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Student Workshops

LAS provides interactive student workshops for test prep, before, during, and after PBL’s, morning conferences, Orientation to Clinical Clerkships, and seminars for small and large group support. LAS is committed to ensuring that all students learn, achieve, and succeed, one person at a time.




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Wellness Centers

Students, residents, and early career physicians experience emotional fatigue and burnout at rates much higher than the general public. With higher rates of stress, burnout, anxiety, and other mental health conditions, wellness centers, are a priority for most schools and hospitals.

LAS Medical Coaches™ have worked at the forefront of wellness for more than 25 years and are committed to ensuring that students and faculty can find support without having to contend with a persistent culture of silence surrounding mental health.

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LAS is committed to upholding diversity, inclusion, and representation, eliminating barriers to academic and career success, and removing the culture of silence and stigma associated with learning and psychological difficulties so that all individuals learn, achieve, and succeed in school and work, with equal access to healthcare. LAS believes that mental health can be discussed and supported, rather than persist silently.

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