Learning is dynamic and personal, occurring at the point of readiness. It takes time for knowledge to deepen and develop new habits of mind. Because learning is idiosyncratic, one size does not fit all. Therefore, LAS Coaches are skilled at developing differentiated instruction and providing structure, support, and accountability to their students.

LAS - Learn, Achieve, Succeed!

LAS educational and training services include three C’s: coaching, consulting, and curriculum design. All services are virtual and provided via video, webinar, or on-site, as health safety permits. Coaching and Consulting formats include one-on-one meetings, group-based sessions, and faculty trainings.

All LAS services incorporate specified resources, learning goals with daily workflow and measurable outcomes, self-reflective practices, executive functioning support, and progress tracking.

LAS services begin with an Initial Consultation and integrate research-based practices with differentiated instruction. When applicable, LAS reviews neuropsychological reports, academic records, and consults with allied health and academic professionals. After the Initial Consultation, LAS designs an Individual Education Plan with measurable goals.

In accordance with the privacy rules defined by FERPA and HIPAA, LAS requires written consent before providing or receiving any information pertaining to students, clients, and other entities.


Research-Based Practices

LAS Coaches™ integrate research-based practices and differentiated instruction into one-on-one coaching and test preparation. Following an initial consultation, LAS designs an individual education plan for every student. Each plan incorporates personal learning objectives with a daily workflow and measurable goals, self-reflective techniques, and progress tracking. Each of the following models include research-based practices:

  • LAS Test Prep™
  • LAS Medical Coaching™
  • LAS Training Curriculum

Who We Are

Loren Academic Services (LAS) and the LAS Coaches™ are a diverse group who recognize that racism is a systemic and insidious problem, and as such, do not tolerate discriminatory actions and implicit biases against anyone. LAS supports all learners in medical education, allied health science education, and general education, and adheres to FERPA and HIPAA privacy practices.

LAS employees meet as a team on a weekly basis and one-on-one with LAS Founder, Loren Deutsch. All LAS Coaches™ complete the LAS Training Curriculum, LAS Learning Modules, and annual professional development. During these trainings, LAS develops curriculum and research-based techniques for teaching organizational skills and strategies that mitigate symptoms of inattention, distractability, reading challenges, and executive functioning difficulties, among other learning experiences.