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GRE Scoring

The scoring system for the GRE can be a bit challenging to understand, but we’ve broken it down for you. Three scores are reported on the GRE Test from each of the three sections on the exam: Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, and Analytical Writing.

The Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning sections of the GRE test are section-level adaptive, which means that the test’s difficulty adapts to how well the student is doing on the exam. Essentially, the computer will select the second section of a measure based on the student’s performance on the first section. For these two sections, each question on the GRE is worth one point and equally contributes to the final score. At that point, a raw score (the number of questions answered correctly) is computed. From there, the raw score is converted to a scaled score through a process called equating. This accounts for the minor variations in difficulty amongst the tests, as well as differences in difficulty among individuals’ tests introduced by the section-level adaptation. The Quantitative Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning sections are each scored on a scale of 130 to 170. The average score for Verbal Reasoning is 151, and the average score for Quantitative Reasoning is 153. The highest score that a student can receive is 340 for both Quantitative and Verbal Reasoning. The average score for the GRE that students receive is between 150-152.

The Analytical Writing Assessment is scored out of 6 points total and follows half-point increments. The average score for the Analytical Writing Assessment on the GRE is 3.5 and the highest score is a 6.



GRE Test Prep Options

One-to-One Meetings: Our trained instructors are ready to help you prepare for the GRE test! LAS offers One-to-One Meetings for any student looking for individualized test prep support. Students will work with a dedicated instructor to focus on their specific needs and pain points. Our instructor will design a personalized curriculum for each student that includes:

  • Initial meeting to determine best plan, set goals, and personalized study strategies
  • Pre and post-testing with ongoing progress tracking
  • Weekly targeted and summative practice questions
  • Integrated standardized test preparation with executive functioning support
  • Ongoing error analysis for a fully adaptive curriculum
  • Key strategies for decision-making and problem solving on the GRE

Interested in One-to-One Meetings? Our team of trained instructors are eager to work with you! Fill out our quick form below for individualized GRE support.

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