AP Exam Scores

AP Exams are scored on a scale of 1-5 and typically include multiple-choice and free-response questions. Some AP Tests include other scored components. Most colleges require students to achieve a score of 4 or 5 on their AP Exams to qualify for college credit.

AP Test Prep Timeline

LAS recommends at least 10-12 weeks for AP Test Prep, though timelines may vary depending on the student and prior test-taking experiences.

AP Test Prep Options

LAS offers three test prep options and provides support for students with test accommodations.

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    LAS Crash Course

    The LAS Crash Course provides an overview of specific AP Exams, including which content is the highest yield and what test-taking skills are most important. The Crash Course is designed as an introduction or refresher for selected AP Exams. LAS Crash Courses are offered two to three weeks before the annual AP Exams and include test prep homework, study schedules, and error analysis instructions.

    Upcoming Crash Courses

    April 13 and 14, 2024
    AP Tests in May 2024

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    LAS Hybrid Test Prep Group

    The LAS Hybrid Test Prep Group includes weekly small group meetings and one-on-one coaching. Students are assigned to an LAS Test Prep Coach for one-on-one sessions and coaching is scheduled at your convenience. The LAS Test Prep Group combines the best of both worlds: collaboration with peers in a small group environment, and individualized instruction.

    All LAS Coaches teach content and process skills to deepen knowledge, backfill gaps, and enhance test-taking strategies. Students learn to increase their accuracy and efficiency during test-taking. The LAS Hybrid Groups include:

    • Initial consultation for individualized planning
    • Identified learning objectives, strategies, and measurable goals
    • Pretesting and post-testing with progress tracking
    • Targeted and comprehensive practice blocks
    • Executive functioning support
    Upcoming Hybrid Test Prep Groups

    Early-March 2024
    AP Tests in May 2024

    Mid-March 2024
    AP Tests in May 2024

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    One-on-one Test Prep

    LAS specializes in one-on-one test prep. Students meet with an LAS Coach for an initial consultation to get started. During the meeting, students discuss personal goals and prior test-taking experiences. This information is used to develop an adaptive roadmap for learning and test preparation. This means students learn to prepare for their AP Exam(s) and future high-stakes tests.

    LAS one-on-one test prep

    Open registration
    AP Tests in May 2024

Upcoming AP Exam Dates

Planning ahead? Below are selected AP Exam Dates for 2024. Visit the College Board website for all AP Exam Dates.

AP Exam AP Exam Date AP Exam AP Exam Date
U.S. Government + Politics May 6, 2024 Chemistry May 6, 2024
English Literature + Composition May 8, 2024 Psychology May 9, 2024
Environmental Science May 9, 2024 U.S. History May 10, 2024
English Language + Composition May 14, 2024 African American Studies May 14, 2024
Physics I May 17, 2024 Physics II May 17, 2024