LAS Test Prep™

LAS Test Prep™ deepens knowledge and strengthens test-taking skills in measurable ways.

The LAS Difference

LAS Coaching™ provides structure, support, and accountability.


The LAS Test Prep Method™ helps students learn and achieve in measurable ways. Students deepen their content knowledge and hone their test-taking skills. LAS Test Prep Plans™ integrate self-reflective practices for personal health and mental well-being.

LAS Test Prep™ incorporates daily recall practice and spaced repetition with weekly self-assessments and progress tracking. These research-based strategies improve the efficiency and accuracy of recall while enhancing achievement outcomes.

Upcoming MCAT dates 2024

March 9 and 22
April 12, 13, 26, 27

May 4, 10, 11, 16, 24


MCAT Test Prep Options

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    LAS Crash Course

    When time is limited, the LAS Crash Course is a short-term option for MCAT prep. The Crash Course provides a refresher or introduction to the MCAT. It is designed for new MCAT students and those who are taking it more than once.

    Using a section-by-section approach, LAS Medical Coaches™ teach this online course with an emphasis on the highest-yield content and the most effective test-taking strategies. Students use their digital Q-Banks to complete practice assessments for MCAT preparation. Assessments include pretesting and post-testing. This virtual classroom creates a unique and collaborative space for students across the country, to learn, achieve, and succeed, in measurable ways.

    Following the crash course, one-on-one LAS Medical Coaching™ is available for structure, support, and accountability.

    MCAT Crash Course

    Saturday, March 2, 2024
    March 9 or 22, 2024

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    LAS Hybrid Test Prep Group

    The LAS Hybrid Test Prep Group option is results-oriented and combines small-group meetings with one-on-one LAS Medical Coaching™ approximately 12-weeks before a national MCAT Exam.

    Organized by section, weekly group meetings focus on high-yield MCAT content and the most effective strategies for high-stakes exams. Weekly group sessions focus on one MCAT section at a time to learn foundational concepts and test-taking skills. Ultimately, the weekly meetings incorporate all four MCAT Exam sections while the one-on-one coaching ensures individualized time for personal goals and strategies. Students complete weekly self-assessments for progress tracking as they learn adaptive and sustainable test-taking methods.

    LAS Hybrid Test Prep Groups are approximately 12 weeks and align with national MCAT Exam dates. LAS recommends taking the MCAT Exam within 7-10 days of completion. LAS Test Prep convenes online, beginning with a pretest and error analysis to develop daily and weekly homework goals.

    MCAT Test Prep - 2024

    Hybrid Test Prep Begins
    April and May 2024

    LAS Registration is open!
    February 2024

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    LAS Medical Coaching™

    LAS Medical Coaching™ provides one-on-one test prep support for the MCAT. Coaching begins with an Initial Consultation to develop an individual test prep plan. LAS students receive a written consultation report that includes an individualized test prep plan with measurable goals.

    LAS Test Prep plans include specified learning resources and a daily workflow that includes recall practice with spaced repetition, self-reflective activities, and self-assessments for progress tracking. Students deepen their content knowledge and enhance their test-taking skills to ensure MCAT readiness.

    LAS Medical Coaches™ provide structure, support, and accountability with individualized learning strategies and executive functioning support.

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    LAS Medical Coaching™ for MCAT Prep

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    March 9 and 22, 2024

LAS Medical Coaches™ provide structure, support, and accountability for MCAT preparation. Need more information? Complete the form below and get MCAT ready!

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