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All LAS Test Prep services begin with an initial student consult to develop an Individual Education Plan with measurable outcomes

The LAS Difference

LAS Medical Coaches help students achieve more than 2 standard deviations above their starting point!


The LAS Test Prep Method helps students learn and achieve in measurable ways. As students deepen their content knowledge and test-taking skills, LAS Medical Coaches help them develop efficiency and accuracy of recall, leading to enhanced achievement outcomes. LAS Test Prep incorporates daily recall practice which can increase achievement scores more than two standard deviations.

LAS Test Prep for MCAT

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    The LAS Crash Course

    The LAS Crash Course is a short-term option for MCAT prep. The Crash Course provides a refresher to students who plan to take the MCAT more than once. LAS Medical Coaches review MCAT content by section and highlight the most effective test-taking strategies.

    LAS Medical Coaches teach sustainable and portable test-taking strategies, emphasizing daily practice blocks and workflow. The unique virtual classroom creates a space for students across the country to collaborate, learn, achieve and succeed. One-on-one meetings may be added if additional support is requested.

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    June 19, 20, 27, 28

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    The LAS MCAT Hybrid Workshop

    The MCAT Hybrid Workshop is results-oriented! LAS combines weekly meetings (small-group with one-on-one) for a multifaceted approach to learning and achievement. Each week, small-group meetings focus on one section at a time and provide a foundation for ongoing test prep. Organized by section, students learn the MCAT content, distribution of question types, and strategies for daily preparation. Weekly one-on-one meetings ensure that each student has individual time and attention with their Medical Coach, to delve more specifically into the identified goals within their Individual Education Plan.

    Group meetings provide weekly homework assignments that include daily recall practice,  starting with a pretest and error analysis to prioritize a study plan.  MCAT Hybrid Workshops are 10-12 weeks and LAS recommends that students plan to take the MCAT within 7-10 days of completion. Currently, all MCAT Hybrid Workshops convene online, for small-group meetings and one-on-one sessions.

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    February 28, 5:30-7:30 pm
    March 3, 12n-2pm
    (exam on 03/09/2020)

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    One-to-One Meetings

    LAS Medical Coaches provide one-on-one test prep support for the MCAT. These meetings begin with an Initial Consultation and written report that includes an Individual Education Plan. Ongoing practice blocks and weekly self-assessments provide individual progress tracking and personalized modifications when needed. LAS Medical Coaches have extensive experience providing support to students who have been approved for test-taking accommodations.

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