Career coaching consists of:

  • Learning about oneself
  • Knowing about the worlds of education and work
  • Engaging in the world

All LAS Career Coaching™ services begin with a structured interview. Career Coaching involves a conversation about academic and vocational histories. These stories provide the narrative about each client and inform which assessments (informal and formal) will follow. Following this meeting, LAS provides an Individual Career Plan that includes recommended assessments, differentiated strategies, self-reflective practices, homework, and when needed, support for job search and executive functioning. The Career Plan serves as a starting point for weekly career coaching meetings and the pursuit of future employment.

Get started with a system-based approach to career development with LAS Career Coaching.

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Success Stories

LAS Educational Coaches go above and beyond tutoring. They are trained to provide executive functioning support and content support to ensure structured homework completion. While there is some overlap between a tutor and an LAS Education Coach, the distinction is that an LAS Education Coach not only has deep content knowledge to help students back fill possible knowledge gaps, but they know how to provide strategies and support for the processes most needed in learning.

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