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Undergrad & Grad Students: Supporting undergrad and graduate students in test prep, remediation, individual education planning, one-on-one tutoring, case management, educational therapy, and transition plans for students graduating from high school into post-secondary education.

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Don’t let the school year get ahead of you — LAS Educational Coaches are ready to help you learn, achieve, and succeed! LAS Educational Coaches provide accountability, support, and research-based strategies that lead to measurable outcomes in every study plan.

Executive Functioning + Educational Support

LAS Educational Coaches understand that students must learn in a time-sensitive framework with competing demands that require self-organization, self-regulation, decision-making, and other executive functioning skills. These skills develop at their own pace, which underscores the reasons for our differentiated teaching approaches.

LAS Educational Coaching begins with an initial consultation to clarify learning goals, the systems in which a student learns, individual strengths, emerging skills, and support, to provide successful learning outcomes.

One-on-one Tutoring

Research indicates that one-on-one tutoring, when provided at the point of need, helps students learn and achieve at the highest levels. Whether writing a thesis or preparing for a high-stakes exam, LAS Educational Coaches have the depth of knowledge and educational training to provide one-on-one academic support to college and graduate students at the highest levels!


Individual Education Planning

All LAS services begin with an initial consultation for Individual Education Planning. LAS Education Plans include identified learning goals, daily and weekly study plans, self-reflective practices, progress tracking, and measurable outcomes. LAS Individual Education Plans help college and graduate students learn and achieve in measurable ways!


Case Management

Case management is a hallmark of LAS Educational Coaching and one of the most important ways in which LAS is different from conventional tutoring companies. With written consent, LAS Educational Coaches provide case management to ensure clear communication and collaboration among educators, allied health professionals, and other identified individuals.



Study Skills Counseling and Educational Therapy

As students advance from high school to post-secondary education, so to must their study skills. LAS Educational Coaches and Educational Therapists know how to help students upgrade their study skills and modify habits of mind to learn more effectively and enhance achievement.

Educational therapy is a one-on-one intervention used to support individuals with a range of learning challenges that include diagnosed learning disorders, neurological deficits, and sub-clinical learning difficulties. Educational Therapy is designed to support students from preschool through adulthood.



IEP & Section 504 Planning

LAS Educational Coaches support students with IEPs and Section 504 Plans and they know how to extend this support during the transition from high school to post-secondary education. LAS Educational Coaches know how to “level a playing field.” They consult with students and families to ensure that all students learn, achieve, and succeed.

Don’t fall behind — LAS Educational Coaches are trained and ready to help you implement your Individual Education Plan, provide accountability, track progress, and achieve measurable outcomes!

Work With Us

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    Initial Consultation Coordination

    All LAS services begin with Consultation Coordination. The initial consult meeting is designed to clarify personal learning goals, presenting concerns, previous academic and test-taking experiences, and other important information. Using a system-based model, the LAS Consultation Coordinator listens carefully to a student’s narrative in order to design an Individual Education Plan with measurable outcomes.

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    Co-Constructing an Individual Education Plan

    LAS believes in co-constructing an Individual Education Plan with a student to increase awareness and motivation. Following the Initial Consultation, LAS students receive a consultation report with a proposed education plan, written instructions for daily and weekly workflow, and LAS Planner/Tracker to assess and track progress.

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    Educational Coaching Support

    LAS students receive a secure password protected copy of the proposed plan and once approved, are introduced to their LAS Educational Coach. Coaches are assigned by LAS based on expertise, goodness of fit, and availability. LAS Educational Coaches have the expertise and training to provide educational support, advocacy, progress tracking, and accountability. LAS Educational Coaching provides strategies and support to develop organization skills, sustained attention, and other executive function skills.

Success Stories

LAS Educational Coaches go above and beyond tutoring. They are trained to provide executive functioning support and content support to ensure structured homework completion. While there is some overlap between a tutor and an LAS Education Coach, the distinction is that an LAS Education Coach not only has deep content knowledge to help students back fill possible knowledge gaps, but they know how to provide strategies and support for the processes most needed in learning.

Please contact LAS for information about LAS Programs and Rates. We’re happy to answer your questions!

Don’t fall behind — LAS Educational Coaches are trained and ready to help you implement your Individual Education Plan, provide accountability, track progress, and achieve measurable outcomes!

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