The LAS Difference

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    Initial Consultation

    LAS services begin with an initial consultation. This is the first step in developing an individual education plan. It is used to clarify learning objectives and measurable goals. It provides an opportunity to discuss academic experiences, expectations, test-taking skills, and more.

    The initial consultation is a crucial starting point for academic and professional development. It prioritizes time for questions and answers and provides an opportunity to cultivate a working alliance. Following the initial consultation, LAS writes an individual education plan with instructions for daily workflow and progress tracking.


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    Pretesting and Error Analysis

    Pretesting and error analysis are the first steps in LAS Test Prep Plans for standardized and classroom tests. The pretest establishes a baseline score from which to measure progress during test preparation while the error analysis is used to clarify content knowledge, test-taking skills, and areas for opportunity.

    LAS Test Prep Plans combine achievement information with self-reflective strategies. In combination with the exam content outline, they are used to prioritize study goals, verify timelines, and determine test readiness.



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    LAS Test Prep

    LAS Test Prep emphasizes learning and achieving in sustainable ways, particularly for high-stakes standardized tests. That’s why LAS prioritizes academic and personal goals in its test prep plans.

    LAS test prep goals go beyond deepening content knowledge and strengthening test-taking skills. They emphasize recall practice, spaced repetition, achievement goals, and personal well-being. They incorporate time to self-reflect and modify habits of mind.




Success Stories


Great question! LAS metrics show similar achievement outcomes when comparing One-on-One Coaching and Hybrid Test Prep Groups. LAS students and residents report feeling more motivated and socially connected in the Hybrid Test Prep Groups, which combine weekly group meetings with weekly one-on-one coaching. Maximum support with greater accountability! Give us a call and we can discuss a plan that is right for you.


The cost of test prep services depends on the test prep plan you choose! Give us a call and we’ll talk through pricing and work with you to determine the right fit for your budget.


Every student is different. On average, LAS students achieve 2-4 standard deviations above their pretest scores and sometimes, quite a bit higher than that.


LAS Test Prep incorporates achievement goals, error analyses, and progress tracking. Weekly coaching sessions include one-on-one feedback based on achievement scores and self-reflective practices, so you will always know how the test prep is working.