The LAS Difference

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    Learn how to learn, learn how to achieve

    LAS believes that all students have the ability to learn and achieve. However, in school the emphasis is often placed on test scores  and achievement rather than the process of learning. Most students learn how to memorize information without much instruction. However, most students do not learn how to learn.

    LAS teaches students how to develop their awareness of thought and engage in higher-order learning, so that they learn, achieve, and successfully demonstrate all that they know.


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    Petit à petit l'oiseau fait son nid

    The LAS motto is a French proverb that translates to “little by little the bird makes its nest”. Founder, Loren Deutsch first read this saying in a book by Anne Lamott, titled Bird by Bird. Loren used this book as a resource in one of her earliest hybrid groups at the University of Chicago. The group included ten graduate students who struggled to complete their academic writing assignments and were at-risk of not finishing graduate school.

    Each week Loren read a chapter to the group, learning more Anne Lamott’s writing process and then, one another. The group would discuss personal writing goals, progress, frustration, procrastination, and possible steps they could take to re-engage in their work. The process was successful and gradually, each group member resumed and completed the academic writing needed for graduation.

    Bird by bird cued our group to think about about patience, compassion, and perseverance. Later, at LAS, it became a reminder to push pause, to be reflective, and to consider all that it takes to learn and achieve, little by little, slow by slow.

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    Tutoring versus LAS Coaching

    Tutoring helps students memorize and understand new information. These processes are important for learning but some students need more to think beyond rote memorization.

    LAS Coaching goes beyond tutoring and engages students in critical thinking to learn how to learn, achieve, and succeed in adaptive and sustainable ways.

    LAS Coaching promotes higher-order thinking skills so students can deepen knowledge and develop insightful reasoning and problem-solving versus simply back-filling content.

Success Stories


As of now, we only offer Hybrid Workshops and Crash Courses for K-12 standardized tests. That being said, our highly trained Scholastic Managers are eager to work with you one-on-one to help co-construct an individualized GRE/GMAT test prep plan.

It depends on which test prep plan you choose! Give us a call and we’ll talk through pricing and work with you to determine the right fit for your budget.

Great question! The most significant difference between the GMAT and the GRE is that the GRE is used as part of admissions for a wide variety of graduate school programs, while the GMAT is only used to apply to business schools. If you’re planning to apply to business school, we’d recommend taking the GMAT. If you’re uncertain of which graduate program you’d like to go into, taking the GRE is a safe bet to keep your options open.

While every student is different, on average, students who work with us can expect to see between a 2-5 point increase on their test score.