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Medical Students, Residents, Physician Assistants, Nurses, Physical Therapists, Faculty and Staff

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LAS Medical Coaches™ Provide structure, support, and accountability in measurable ways.

Executive Functioning Support

LAS Medical Coaches™ are trained and skilled at helping students develop self-organization and self-regulation, among other executive functioning skills. They take the time to understand individual needs and provide support for practice and iteration.


Case Management

LAS case management is defined by communication and collaboration. It is one of many services that LAS Medical Coaches™ and Educational Coaches provide that differentiates LAS from conventional tutoring companies.



Clinical Social Work

LAS Founder, Loren Deutsch, is a licensed clinical social worker and professional educational therapist. She designed the LAS Medical Coaching™ Model with a system-based approach to learning and achievement. Therefore, all LAS Medical Coaches™ are trained in principles of clinical social work to better understand each student in context and ensure learning and achievement in measurable ways.

Support for ERAS

Writing a personal statement for residency and fellowship applications should not be an after thought. LAS Medical Coaches™ skillfully provide structure and support for personal essay writing.

Study Skills Counseling + Educational Therapy

The transition from undergraduate studies to medical school or medical school to residency often requires upgrading study skills. LAS Medical Coaches™ study strategies for prioritizing, learning, and retaining a lot of information in a highly compressed time frame. When more support is needed, LAS Medical Coaches™ provide Educational Therapy to address learning disabilities, neurological deficits, and personal well-being.

Accommodations, IEP’s + Section 504 Plans

Some medical and graduate students need a “level playing field” that includes accommodations, during their graduate and professional training. LAS Medical Coaches™ are skilled at consulting to schools, departments, and medical boards regarding individual learning needs and requests for accommodations. LAS Medical Coaches™ have expertise in designing strategies and techniques that work with accommodations to enhance learning and achievement.

LAS Medical Coaches™ provide structure, support, and accountability in measurable ways. They help students and residents prepare for high-stakes exams and provide support at the point of need for test preparation and remediation. LAS Medical Coaches™ design individual education plans with self-reflective strategies to address test anxiety, burnout, and procrastination.

Work With Us

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    Initial Consultation

    All LAS services begin with an Initial Consultation. During this time, LAS reviews academic reports, transcripts, and neuropsychological or psychoeducational evaluations, if applicable. The Initial Consultation is the first step in building a trusted working alliance. It provides an opportunity to listen and clarify learning goals, workflow, and a timeline. The Initial Consultation helps set expectations, identify concerns, and explore previous academic and test-taking experiences. Following the Initial Consultation, LAS provides a written report with an Individual Education Plan and measurable outcomes.

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    Individual Education Plan

    The Individual Education Plan incorporates defined learning goals, a personal timeline, daily workflow, and measurable outcomes. Each plan includes an LAS Planner/Tracker for shared planning, progress tracking, and accountability.

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    LAS Medical Coaching™

    LAS Medical Coaching™ provides structure, support, and accountability. Coaches are assigned based on areas of expertise, goodness of fit, timeline, and availability. All LAS Medical Coaches™ complete supervised training and participate in weekly conferences and professional development courses.

Success Stories

LAS Medical Coaches™ provide test preparation, remediation, study skills counseling, educational therapy, and more! They are trained individuals with strong communication and organizational skills. LAS Medical Coaches™ provide structure, support, and accountability to medical students, residents, fellows, nurses, PA’s, and PT’s, at all levels.

LAS Medical Coaching™ is an individualized experience based on personal goals and prior academic and test-taking experiences. Sessions typically include updates, error analysis, self-reflective practices, progress tracking, and practice questions. Depending on individual learning needs, LAS Medical Coaches™ design meetings that provide structure, support, and accountability.

Yes! There is a significant memorial benefit associated with recall practice and spaced repetition. In other words, when practice questions are used and re-used (with some parameters) test-takers will remember information more accurately and efficiently and achieve at higher levels. This phenomenon is referred to as the testing effect.

LAS Medical Coaches™ are trained and skilled at helping students learn, achieve, and succeed in measurable ways. LAS Medical Coaches™ provide support for test prep, remediation, and burnout.

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