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Students: Supporting test prep, remediation, study skills, executive functioning, self-reflective practices, accommodations, and essay writing for the Common App.

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Whether you need a study plan and accountability for test prep or remediation, or self-reflective practices and strategies for learning challenges, LAS Educational Coaches are highly trained and know how to help.

Executive Functioning Support

LAS Medical Coaches understand that every student learns in a unique way and they require executive functioning skills to do so. Executive functioning skills are mental processes such as self-regulation, planning, focus, decision-making, and memory. Because they mature over time and are dependent on many factors, LAS Medical Coaches provide differentiated learning strategies to their students and residents. Differentiated approaches help students identify their strengths, emerging skills, and potential obstacles, so they can learn how to learn effectively and achieve at the highest levels.


Case Management

Case management is an essential aspect of LAS support services and it differentiates LAS from conventional tutoring companies. When communication and collaboration effectively link students and faculty, or other allied health professionals, learning and achievement are enriched. LAS Medical Coaches provide case management to help students and residents effectively evaluate their learning goals and advocate to meet them. Therefore, in compliance with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), a federal law that protects the privacy of education records, LAS requires written consent to communicate with or receive information pertaining to its students and residents.



Clinical Social Work

Clinical social work connects people with resources and provides counseling treatments. It focuses on assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of emotional, behavioral, and mental health disturbances.

At LAS, we take mental health and personal well-being, seriously. For many years there has been a culture of silence in medical education surrounding emotional, behavioral, and mental health disturbances. Unfortunately, this silence can be deafening and can reinforce feelings of shame, embarrassment, and loneliness, especially when a student or resident is in academic difficulty. LAS Medical Coaches understand that emotions and learning cannot be separated and therefore, utilizes a systems framework that considers multiple elements when supporting students and residents and multiple factors that influence learning, memory, and achievement. LAS works with students, residents, programs, and medical centers so that students and residents have the emotional and educational support they need to learn, achieve, and succeed.

Support for ERAS and NRMP Applications

Writing a personal essay is a process, and sometimes, a little intimidating. Fortunately, LAS Medical Coaches can help. LAS provides a structured approach to personal essay writing so that students and residents compose an essay that is reflective of their personal experiences and representative of their strengths and interests, for residency and fellowship.

Study Skills Counseling or Educational Therapy

Study Skills Counseling and Educational Therapy – they’re often thought of as interchangeable, probably because both address similar learning skills. However, while teachers, tutors, and counselors often teach study skills, only Professional Educational Therapists, may provide Educational Therapy. This requires successful completion of graduate school training in an approved Educational Therapy Program.

Educational therapy is a one-on-one intervention used to support individuals with a range of learning challenges that include learning disorders, neurological deficits, and other related problems. LAS offers Educational Therapy for students and residents at all levels.

IEPs & Section 504 Plans

Individual Education Plans (IEPs) and Section 504 Plans may not seem significant in medical education and they are typically discussed with greater frequency relative to learning resources for students in grades K-12. Although the special education resources required in an IEP do not continue after high school, the accommodations required in a Section 504 Plan do. These distinctions do not effect every medical student but they are important for some, particularly because they have implications for standardized test-taking, an important aspect of medical education.

LAS Medical Coaches are experienced at helping students and residents with accommodations and consult frequently to universities and medical schools about resources and accommodations for curriculum design and instruction.

Whether you are searching for test prep support, learning strategies, or contending with burnout, LAS Medical Coaches are highly-trained and skilled at supporting you through the process.

Work With Us

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    Initial Consultation Coordination

    All LAS Medical Coaching begins with Consultation Coordination. This includes an initial meeting (in-person or virtual), review of pertinent documentation (transcripts, standardized testing reports, updates from student promotion committees, and when applicable, neuropsychological evaluations), and if requested, consultations with deans, program directors, or health allied professionals.

    The Initial Consultation is a preliminary step to clarify personal learning goals, presenting concerns, and previous and current academic and test-taking information. The Initial Consultation is a vital opportunity to understand a student’s personal narrative in order to design a realistic education plan and provide the most effective support.

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    Co-Constructing an Individual Education Plan

    Following the Initial Consultation, the LAS Consultation Coordinator completes a written report that includes a proposed Individual Education Plan, instructions for daily and weekly workflow, and access to the LAS Planner/Tracker™. Each LAS education plan includes learning goals, strategies, and measurable outcomes.

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    Medical Coaching Support

    Students and residents receive a password protected copy and their Individual Education Plan and an introduction to their LAS Medical Coach. LAS assigns Medical Coaches based on expertise and goodness of fit. LAS Medical Coaches provide ongoing support, strategies, and accountability.

Success Stories

Medical Coaches support students through test prep, remediation, study skills counseling, educational therapy, clinical social work, IEP & Section 504 planning, personal essay support for ERAS Application, and executive functioning. Medical Coaches are assigned to each student after an initial consultation and individual education plan has been constructed.

Our pricing depends on the duration of medical coaching support. Give us a call and we’ll talk through pricing with you.

Whether you’re contending with burnout or searching for new test preparation strategies, our highly-trained Medical Coaches are here to support you through the process.

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