Access, support & social distancing

By Loren Deutsch

I recognize this is an uncertain time and know that many feel heightened concerns about all the changes in our day-to-day lives. It is my hope that this letter provides some reassurance about a constant with LAS professional services. LAS is experienced at providing remote, video-based support. I designed the company with accessibility and convenience in mind. Videoconferencing is a hallmark of the LAS professional services’ model and has been since we incorporated in 2010 (and even farther back when I started my private practice in 1994). We know how to do this!

Therefore, due to an abundance of caution and respect for the health and well-being of our employees, families, students and health science communities whom we support, LAS is temporarily suspending in-person meetings along with the schools, universities and some of the courses within the medical centers that LAS supports in Illinois and across the country.

Fortunately, LAS is experienced at providing evidence-based, online classes, trainings and support. Therefore, I am reaching out to provide information and updates in order to maintain schedules with little or no disruption.

1. Covid-19 – Please check the CDC or NIH websites for updates as information changes frequently. To keep your home safe the CDC recommends that you and your family clean hands at the door (before entering the house), clean hands at regular intervals, avoid touching your face, disinfect surfaces and increase ventilation by opening the windows. For more information about Covid-19, click here.

2. Scheduling – If you are currently meeting with LAS, your medical coach or scholastic manager will contact you to confirm your online meetings and online meeting platform. To ensure effective video conferencing LAS using an online platform with screen sharing capabilities.

3. Webinars, Workshops and Trainings – LAS uses Zoom and Zoho online platforms for one-on-one and group-based learning, respectively. LAS will follow-up individually with instructions and login information as applicable. Until further notice, all classes, workshops and trainings will convene online (not at LAS, in homes, on campuses or at medical centers). As is customary, LAS will continue providing written instructions for proctoring, pretesting, post-testing and error analyses as needed for test preparation and board certifying exams.

4. Updates – Please check the LAS Website, LAS Blog and LAS Facebook Page for updates!

5. Questions – Please email or call (847) 446-5822 with questions. We are happy to answer them!

LAS medical coaches and scholastic managers are among the most dedicated, well-trained, well-skilled, intelligent individuals I know. We collaborate as a team 1-2 times per week and often more frequently on an individual basis. I know they will continue providing effective, evidence-based support in the days and weeks to come, ensuring that all students, residents and fellows learn, achieve and succeed! Thank you for trusting LAS.


Get ahead! LAS Educational Coaches™ provide structure, support and accountability.

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