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Loren Academic Services (LAS) comprises diverse individuals who know that racism is a systemic and insidious problem. LAS is committed to upholding diversity and representation and does not tolerate any discriminatory actions and implicit biases.

LAS and all of its employees are committed to upholding diversity and representation, eliminating barriers to academic success, and removing the culture of silence and stigma associated with learning and psychological difficulties. LAS supports all students and adheres to FERPA and HIPAA privacy practices.

LAS specializes in differentiated instruction and research-based strategies that foster knowledge, creativity, and responsibility, for oneself and the planet.

LAS Educational Coaching™

In an age of remote learning, it is more important than ever for students to have access to education and trusted educators, for structure, support, and accountability. LAS provides virtual coaching with differentiated instruction, executive functioning support, and case management to students in Kindergarten through graduate and professional school, and beyond.

Don’t let the school year get ahead of you — LAS Educational Coaches™ are trained in the LAS Curriculum and ready to develop your Individual Education Plan with measurable goals. LAS is committed to ensuring all students learn, achieve, and succeed.

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LAS Medical Coaching™

Medical education involves learning a significant amount of information often in a time-sensitive framework. Academic and clinical skills must be synthesized quickly, while sifting through a preponderance of resources, and self-directed learning experiences. With competing demands for time, students often contend with burnout and feelings of stress and fatigue. Fortunately, the LAS Medical Coaches™ understand these circumstances and know how to provide students with structure, support, and accountability.

Whether contending with burnout, searching for best practices, or preparing for a high stakes exam, LAS Medical Coaches™ are ready to support individual learning goals and measurable outcomes.

Curriculum Development + Training the Trainer

LAS designs and implements interactive training, supervision, and test prep workshops for small and large groups. LAS specializes in faculty training and collaborating with Deans, Program Directors, clinicians, and wellness centers.

The LAS Curriculum includes clear learning objectives, specified resources, workflow examples, and research-based strategies that lead to measurable outcomes. LAS Trainings may be designed to “stand-alone” or as part of a series. All Curriculum Design, implementation, and support are customized and include training materials for professional development, Individual Education Plans, and coursework.

All LAS Consulting Services begin with an initial stakeholder’s meeting to identify goals and expectations, and include a needs assessment to clarify scope of work. LAS then provides a written proposal with specified deliverables, resources, measurable outcomes, timeline, and fees. LAS provides all services via videoconference.

LAS Test Prep Method™

The LAS Test Prep Method™ is a research-based approach to learning and achievement that incorporates self-reflective practices, individualized strategies, and daily practice with spaced repetition. The LAS Test Prep Method™ improves accuracy and efficiency of recall while enhancing achievement outcomes.

Whether preparing for a high stakes exam or remediating a test, the LAS Test Prep Method™ ensures structure, support, and accountability.

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