The LAS Difference

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    Initial Consultation

    We believe that the first step towards achieving success is to listen and understand each student’s unique needs. Our initial consultation allows for a true assessment of where students are at in their test preparation process. From there, our intake coordinators are able to design a customized test prep strategy that addresses the student’s needs and helps them reach their measurable goals.

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    Following an initial consultation, students will take a pre-test of their specified exam to determine strengths, weaknesses, and where there are opportunities for improvement. This allows us to incorporate error analyses and progress tracking, which is the foundation of LAS’ test prep methodology.

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    Test Prep

    At this point, students will decide whether they’d like to participate in a Hybrid Workshop, Crash Course, or have One-to-One Meetings with an instructor for test prep support. All test prep services are available year-round, in-person or virtually, and sync up with national test dates.

    Our Hybrid Workshops include twice-weekly meetings during an 8-week course. The first weekly meeting is group-based and introduces essential information, learning strategies, and test taking skills, while the second weekly meeting provides one-on-one support to address individualized learning goals. Our Crash Course provides an overview of key content and essential test taking strategies in a compressed time frame and runs 7-10 days prior to most national test dates.

Success Stories


Great question! LAS metrics show similar achievement outcomes when comparing Hybrid Workshops and One-on-One Coaching. Students and residents report feeling more motivated and socially connected in the Hybrid Workshops, which combine weekly group meetings with weekly one-on-one coaching. Maximum support with greater accountability!

The cost depends on the test prep plan you choose! Give us a call and we’ll talk through pricing and work with you to determine the right fit for your budget.

Every student is different. On average, LAS students achieve 2-4 standard deviations above their pretest scores and sometimes, quite a bit higher than that.

LAS Test Prep incorporates achievement goals, error analyses, and progress tracking. Weekly meetings are designed for one-on-one feedback based on achievement scores and self-reflective practices, so you will always know how the test prep is working.

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