1. K-12 MathShops!

    Geometry: Tuesdays @ 7:00PM
    MathShops provide homework & test prep support
    Improve math fluency and problem-solving skills
    Monthly registration!

  2. SAT, ACT, AP and more!

    Evidence-based approach to standardized test prep
    LAS study plans begin with pre-testing and error analysis
    One-on-one support with section-by-section review
    Next test date: March 31, 12:30PM – 3:30PM

  3. UME Medical Coaching

    Establish a roadmap for learning and achieving, M1-M4
    Evidence-based study plans with progress tracking
    Test prep support & remediation is online or in-person
    USMLE Step 1 & 2CK, and NBME shelf exams

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  4. GME Medical Coaching

    ITE and Board test plans with progress tracking
    Academic support & remediation is online or in-person
    USMLE Step 3, In-Training Exams, and Board Certification

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  5. MATCH2018

    Good luck to M4’s awaiting Match😀
    We know how hard you have worked!

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  6. LAS Staff Videos

    Join LAS Medical Coaches and Scholastic Managers
    Discussion topics include empathy, teaching, and more.

  7. Tune Tuesday

    LAS playlists for studying & relaxation
    New playlists each week!

Academic support for all students

Loren Academic Services (LAS) is an educational services company. LAS utilizes an evidence-based approach to support learning and achievement in general and medical education. Professional services include the 3 C’s: coaching, consulting, and curriculum design. At the heart of LAS we believe that students need to learn how to learn. This core value is the foundation for all LAS services.

At LAS, all academic support begins with intake coordination and listening. We believe that listening is an essential first step to understand our students’ and residents’ expectations and learning goals. LAS provides educational services locally and nationally, and consults to public and private schools and medical centers. Contracts include individual students, UME and GME programs, post-bacc, nursing, and PA programs.

A coaching model for standardized test prep

LAS designs evidence-based workshops for standardized tests and high stakes exams in general education and health science education. Among our most popular are The Hybrid Workshop and The Crash Course. Both test prep options provide one-on-one coaching and mentoring following each workshop meeting to support individualized learning goals. All LAS workshops incorporate self-reflection goals, spaced retrieval practice, pre- and post-testing, error analyses, and progress tracking.

To request information please call 847-446-5822