1. Integrative Learning, Mental Health & Physical Wellbeing!

    Evidence-based teaching & support
    Progress tracking & measurable outcomes
    Self-reflective learning: tele-meetings or in-person support

  2. “Hear’s” the Tea ☕️🎧

    The Becker Group interviews Loren!
    Listen to the Women’s Leadership Podcast

  3. ACT & SAT Workshops!

    Full-length pretesting + post-testing
    Error analyses + progress tracking
    Hybrid workshops include 1:1 meetings
    Test prep plans are individualized + evidence-based!

  4. UME high-stakes exams

    USMLE, NBME + course exams                                                                   Tele-meetings, webinars + on-site workshops!
    1:1 evidence-based coaching + departmental consulting
    Individual education plans with measurable outcomes

  5. GME high-stakes test prep!

    In-Training Exams, Board Certifying Exams & MOCA
    Departmental consulting & 1:1 evidence-based coaching
    Tele-meetings, webinars + on-site workshops!

  6. Support & social distancing

    LAS provides evidence-based, online support!
    LAS temporarily suspends in-person meetings
    LAS offers online classes, trainings + webinars!

LAS Program Calendar

Academic support, well-being, and inclusion

Loren Academic Services (LAS) is an educational services company that supports students, families, residents and faculty. LAS specializes in providing evidence-based support with measurable outcomes for test-taking difficulties and organizational problems. LAS understands that there are competing demands for time that often impact learning, achievement, and well-being. LAS instructors are trained, skilled and experienced at providing integrative academic support for test preparation and remediation, including students who contend with learning challenges and mental health conditions. At the heart of LAS, we understand that students, residents and fellows may need support and should not be stigmatized for needing help.

This core belief is the foundation for all LAS services (coaching, consulting, and curriculum design), and the reason LAS strives to support inclusion and diversity in education and remove the barriers to success in general and medical education.

Coaching that strengthens

LAS professional services begin with intake coordination and listening. Yes, we understand that listening to our students, residents and faculty is essential. Therefore, the first step at LAS is an intake (tele-) meeting which we designed to listen and help clarify your goals. During the intake meeting, we design and co-construct a preliminary, evidence-based plan for academic coaching and consulting.

LAS provides educational services locally and nationally, and consults to public & private schools, universities and medical centers. LAS contracts with students, UME and GME programs and post-baccalaureatte, nursing, PT, and PA programs.

To request information please call 847-446-5822