• The Common App Q&A

    FREE @ The Winnetka Public Library, Lloyd Room
    Aug 10, 7:00pm – 8:30pm and Aug 10, 7:00pm – 8:30pm

  • The Common App Hybrid Workshop

    Starts July 22, 1-3pm or Aug 19, 1-3pm
    Each workshop includes 2 one-on-one meetings
    Register now!!

  • UME – Summer

    Pre-learning for M2
    Step 2 prep
    NBME Exam prep

  • GME – Summer

    Step 3 prep
    ABIM: In-Training Exams start 8/24
    ABA: ADVANCED Exam 7/28-7/29
    ABSITE: Jan. 26-30

  • Medical Coaching

    Mentoring & executive functioning support
    Videoconference and on-campus meetings

  • ITE and Board Certification Prep

    For residents, fellows, & attendings
    Videoconference and on-campus meetings

Academic support for every student

Loren Academic Services (LAS) is an educational services company. We utilize evidence-based approaches to support learning and achievement in general education and health science education. Our services are embedded in The 3 C’s: coaching, consulting, and curriculum design. But at the heart of our work is a belief that in order to deepen fund of knowledge, enhance achievement, prepare for a test, or remediate one, students need to learn how to learn.

At LAS whether we design individual education plans or departmental protocols we begin with one of the simplest actions, listening. We listen because we believe that the first step toward engaging our students is to understand their perspective before providing support at the point of need.

Loren Academic Services coaches individuals locally and across the country. We consult with public and private schools and have contracts with medical centers, post-bacc programs, PA programs, and graduate medical ed programs.

A coaching model for standardized test prep

LAS designs workshops for a variety of standardized tests and high stakes exams, in both general education and health science education. Among our most favorite are The Hybrid Workshop and The Crash Course. Both take an evidence-based approach to learning and achieving, and include one-on-one coaching and mentoring that emphasize self-reflected learning, spaced retrieval practice, pre- and post-testing, error analyses, and quantified progress tracking.

To set up an intake appointment or for more information, please call: