1. UME Medical Coaching

    Test prep & remediation
    Wellness-centered & evidence-based
    Online or in-person!
    USMLE Step 1, Step 2CK, and NBME shelf exams

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  2. GME Medical Coaching

    Test prep & remediation
    Wellness-centered & evidence-based
    Online or in-person!
    USMLE Step 3, In-Training Exams, and Board Certification

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  3. LAS Homework Club

    High School Students!
    Establish a study routine
    Complete homework &
    Develop self-organization skills
    Tuesdays at 5:45PM & Sundays at 1:00PM

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  4. SAT, ACT, & more!

    Wellness-centered & evidence-based
    Individualized study plans
    One-on-one & small group meetings
    Next SAT class: April 15

  5. LAS Talks!

    Join our discussion about inclusion, resilience, and more!
    LAS Instructors discuss their ideas and strategies

  6. Tune Tuesday

    LAS playlists for studying & relaxation
    New playlists each week!

  7. K-12 MathShops!

    Geometry: Tuesdays @ 7:00PM
    Homework & test prep support
    Math fluency and problem-solving skills
    Monthly registration!

Academic support, wellness, and inclusion

Loren Academic Services (LAS) is an educational services company that supports students and residents. Some contend with test-taking difficulties and organizational problems, others with learning challenges or mental health conditions. These demands can impact learning, achievement, and wellness. Therefore, at the heart of LAS, we believe that students and residents, particularly those in difficulty, need support to learn how to learn and should not be stigmatized for needing help.

This core belief is the foundation for all LAS services (coaching, consulting, and curriculum design), and the reason LAS strives to support inclusion, and remove the stigma of learning disabilities and mental health conditions in general and medical education.

Coaching that strengthens

At LAS, all academic coaching begins with intake coordination and listening. Yes, we believe that listening is essential to understand our students and residents, and clarify their learning goals. These goals are discussed during the intake meeting and provide a foundation for our evidence-based academic coaching and mentoring model.

LAS provides educational services locally and nationally, and consults to public & private schools and medical centers. We contract with individual students, UME and GME programs, and post-bacc, nursing, PT, and PA programs.

To request information please call 847-446-5822