LAS is a Referral Resource in Medical Education

For more than 27 years, LAS has helped hundreds of students and residents learn, achieve, and succeed in measurable ways. LAS is a referral resource to medical schools, allied health programs, and medical centers. Individually, LAS is a resource to students, residents, nurses, PAs, and faculty.

LAS Medical Coaches™ provide structure, support, and accountability in measurable ways,.for training, curriculum design, and test prep services. LAS has programs for course preparation, the MCAT Exam, the USMLE Step Exams, the NBME Shelf Exams, Annual In-Training Exams (ITEs), and Licensing and Board Certifying Exams,

The LAS Test Prep Method™ is a differentiated approach to learning and achievement based on research in education, medicine, and psychology. It necessitates a significant practice commitment and incorporates actionable steps with daily practice, weekly self-assessments, and spaced repetition.

LAS Test Prep™ is for high-performance training. It emphasizes mastery learning, a self-paced process that focuses on deepening knowledge and skills. Consider the preparation needed for a high-stakes athletic event, academic debate, or concert performance. Each discipline demands certain variables, including self-organization, practice, and perseverance. Cramming and rote memorization are not sustainable in higher education.

LAS adheres to all HIPAA and FERPA privacy policies. To get started, LAS requests an application for services. The application includes pertinent documentation (e.g., transcripts, neuropsychological testing, and previous score reports). With written consent, LAS also consults with allied professionals and/or faculty (if applicable). Following the review of information, LAS schedules an Initial Consultation and then provides a written report that contains the Individual Education Plan, measurable goals, and a personal LAS Planner/Tracker. LAS assigns its medical coaches based on several factors (e.g., the scope of work, areas of expertise, “goodness of fit”, and availability).

LAS test prep includes daily practice blocks with spaced repetition, weekly self-assessments for progress tracking, and self-reflective strategies for personal health and well-being. Recall practice is multi-functional. It provides an opportunity to assess comprehension and immediate recall, deepen and maintain knowledge, improve accuracy and efficiency of recall, enhance achievement due to the memorial benefit of the testing effect, and promote mastery learning. Weekly self-assessments, used as data points and error analysis, provide progress tracking in measurable ways.

LAS Test Prep™ provides structure, support, and accountability. Depending on the exam, weekly meetings include section-by-section orientation, an overview of the test format and types of exam questions, practice blocks, a review of “incorrects”, and self-reflective techniques. Weekly sessions do not replace self-directed learning time. Outcomes vary based on several factors, including individual goals, personal and academic history, previous test-taking experiences, and the number of exam attempts. However, it is consistent, daily practice that leads to measurable outcomes.

LAS understands that most students and residents contend with competing demands for their time and therefore, it is important to schedule personal time to relax and replenish. For these reasons, weekly coaching designates time to review exam content, test-taking strategies, techniques for self-directed learning, and self-care. As a result, LAS test prep plans often include goals for sleep hygiene, nutrition, exercise, self-regulatory practices, and relaxation techniques. Students are encouraged to talk about these topics with their LAS Medical Coach™ during one-on-one sessions and/or group meetings.

Practice + Attendance

LAS Test Prep is a process-oriented approach to learning and achievement and requires a significant practice commitment. Though outcomes vary, research and LAS metrics show that practice with spaced repetition is invaluable, particularly when changing long-standing habits of mind. Students are encouraged to talk openly with their LAS Medical Coach™ and to notify LAS if they have difficulties initiating or maintaining test preparation. LAS Medical Coaching™ does not replace self-directed study time, that’s why daily preparation is a must. Please notify your LAS Medical Coach™ at least 24 hours in advance If you must cancel a meeting, to avoid charges for a broken appointment.

LAS Motto

The LAS motto is a French proverb that states, “petit à petit l’oiseau fait son nid.” This proverb translates to, “Little by little the bird makes its nest”. It is a reminder that learning and modifying habits of mind takes time and there are no quick fixes, but gradual progress is sustainable.

LAS Mission

LAS is committed to upholding diversity, inclusion, and representation, eliminating barriers to academic and career success, and removing the culture of silence and stigma associated with learning and psychological difficulties so that all individuals learn, achieve, and succeed in school and work.   



Get ahead! LAS Educational Coaches™ provide structure, support and accountability.

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