LAS offers three different MCAT preparation services. Thanks to our individualized learning plans with measurable goals and progress tracking, we have a proven track record when it comes to preparing prospective med students for what awaits them on the MCAT.

1:1 MCAT Prep
Many students prefer to prepare for the MCAT individually with a personal test-prep coach.

At Loren Academic Services, instructors understand that each student has unique strengths, challenges, and learning needs. We design curriculum that ensures each student learns in a manner most effective for him or her. We also adopt a relational approach that recognizes the importance of rapport between the student and the instructor, for we know that students learn best under the guidance of a trusted teacher. LAS test prep is always results-oriented, so MCAT students begin with a pretest, complete targeted and summative practice question blocks, and take post-tests to ensure they have made progress toward their MCAT score goal.

MCAT Hybrid Workshop
The MCAT Hybrid Workshop is a ten-week, results-oriented course that combines group workshops with 1:1 instruction for a multifaceted approach to learning. Individual meetings with an instructor ensure that students get their personal questions answered and their unique learning needs addressed, while group workshops foster collaboration and peer-based learning. The MCAT Hybrid Workshop includes an official MCAT pre-test and post-test. In the intermittent weeks, students learn new MCAT content, engage in group activities to memorize material, practice MCAT questions collaboratively and independently, and track their progress. All group and individual sessions integrate multiple learning strategies: video calls, virtual classrooms, verbal lectures, text messaging, practice questions, discussions, polls, and a virtual “whiteboard.” Both group and 1:1 sessions are conducted online so that students can practice the digital format they will use for the actual MCAT.

MCAT Crash Course
The MCAT Crash Course is a one-day online group workshop designed to provide an introduction to the MCAT content, study resources, and key skills and strategies. The unique virtual classroom not only creates a space for students across the nation to collaborate, but also integrates multiple learning strategies – verbal lecture, text messaging, practice questions, discussions, and a virtual “whiteboard” – for a multifaceted learning experience. By the end of the Crash Course, students will understand how the MCAT is scored and obtain the necessary materials to create their own MCAT study plan with practice questions, content review, and score tracking. They may then continue to practice for the MCAT independently, fully equipped with the resources necessary for success.