LAS Test Prep Method™

LAS Coaches use an individualized approach to test preparation. But LAS Test Prep is based on learning and achievement goals, so the components of an LAS Test Prep Plan are consistent, whether we are teaching in a classroom or one-on-one.

The LAS Test Prep Method™ is an individualized approach to learning and achievement. LAS Test Prep plans focus on deepening content and process knowledge, using recall practice with spaced repetition. The process is dynamic and multi-functional. Each plan promotes mastery learning, so you don’t move on until you get it. Using consistent recall practice activates a memorial benefit called the testing effect. Over time, the testing effect increases efficiency and accuracy leading to higher achievement outcomes.

Like training for an athletic competition, academic decathlon, or concert performance, preparing for a high-stakes exam requires self-organization, iteration, and perseverance, not cramming or rote memorization. The LAS Test Prep Method™ necessitates a consistent practice commitment including learning and daily practice blocks with spaced repetition. The LAS Test Prep Method incorporates weekly self-assessments for progress tracking and self-reflective strategies for personal health and well-being. While outcomes vary based on individual factors (e.g., personal goals, timeline, and academic and test-taking history), practice and weekly coaching sessions are vital for structure, support, and accountability.

Learn more about retrieval practice and why it is vital for the testing effect (Karpicke and Blunt, 2011).

Get ahead! LAS Educational Coaches™ provide structure, support and accountability.

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