The LAS Review / Redo Strategy

By Loren Deutsch

Each year, some of our students and doctors-in-training designate a little holiday-time to prepare for their board exams. If you’re prepping during this break, consider The LAS Review/Redo Strategy, because we know that making mistakes is part of learning and sometimes we get it wrong before we get it right!

I often use the Review/Redo Strategy in our individual learning plans. Below is a sample of how I might incorporate this evidence-based approach:

  • Identify a block of practice questions
  • Determine an initial goal score
  • Simulate the test and complete the practice block
  • Score the practice block and verify the percentage of accuracy
  • If accuracy is below the goal score, designate two days for The LAS Review/Redo Strategy
  • Day 1: REVIEW – Be curious! Review each incorrectly answered question and self-prompt:
    • What is the question asking?
    • What is the correct answer?
    • Why is this answer correct?
    • How will I remember it?
  • Day 2: REDO – Persevere! Redo the incorrectly answered questions within 24 hours of review and before answering, self-prompt:
    • Why is this answer correct?
    • If you don’t remember why – consider the answer incorrect! 

Note: Identifying incorrectly answered questions and clarifying correct answers is not necessarily sufficient for long-term memory retention. According to Daniel Willingham, Professor of Psychology at the University of Virginia, we must cultivate the residue of thought in order to remember.

Here’s to reviewing/redoing, learning, making mistakes, and hopefully getting it right in 2019!

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