Removing Obstacles in Medical Education

HIT Like a Girl Podcast

Loren Deutsch, Founder of Loren Academic Services (LAS). In an episode from the HIT Like A Girl podcast, Loren discusses the need to remove barriers to success in medical education. She describes the importance of collaboration and working as a community, reflecting on the LAS Motto, “little by little the bird makes its nest”. Loren reminds us that small steps can produce radical change, but we need to come together to create this change.

Loren is a professional educational therapist and licensed clinical social worker. She has been in practice for more than 25 years and developed the LAS Medical Coaching Model™ during this time. In 2010, Loren founded Loren Academic Services (LAS), a company that specializes in Coaching, Curriculum Development, and Consulting for students, residents, Attending physicians, and medical centers. Loren and the LAS Team collaborate to provide structure, support, and accountability so all students learn, achieve, and succeed. To learn more about LAS coaching, click LAS Medical Coaching™ .

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