Removing Barriers for Underrepresented Students in Medical Education

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Committed to upholding diversity, inclusion, and representation.

Loren Deutsch is the founder of Loren Academic Services, Inc. (LAS), a company that specializes in Coaching, Curriculum Development, and Consulting services in general and medical education. Loren is a licensed clinical social worker and professional educational therapist who works at the border of two disciplines. She and the LAS Team provide support, structure, and accountability to students, residents, faculty, and medical centers.

Loren and the LAS Team are committed to upholding diversity, inclusion, and representation in education. They work to eliminate barriers to academic success and remove the culture of silence and stigma associated with learning and psychological difficulties in education.

In this episode of HIT Like a Girl, Loren talks about solving big problems within a collaborative model. She discusses the importance of coming together as a community and supporting one another to solve complex issues. Loren believes that we are more effective when we collaborate “little-by-little” to solve complex problems and bring about radical change.

Get ahead! LAS trained Educational Coaches are ready to help you co-construct an Individual Education Plan and provide structure, support and accountability.

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