5 Ways to Overcome Nervousness, According to Science

By Loren Deutsch

LAS uses evidence-based approaches to help learners mitigate symptoms of stress and anxiety on high stakes exams. When practiced prior to and during test taking, these approaches help students learn, achieve, and succeed at demonstrating what they know on high stakes exams.

High stakes exams are prevalent in general education and health science education. Students often spend hours a day studying for these exams in order to cultivate a deep understanding about the content and test taking strategies needed to achieve. Since these tests are often used as a gateway to higher education and other opportunities, the stakes are high and worries about achievement are not uncommon. Even when students understand the material being tested, many still contend with symptoms of stress and feelings of anxiety. These symptoms can arise during test preparation and test taking and therefore, students must practice stress-reducing strategies in order to utilize them before and during test taking.

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