Although considered to be a practice SAT, the PSAT is a lot more than a simple warm-up. A high PSAT score means eligibility for National Merit Scholarships. Furthermore, success on the PSAT bodes well for a student’s future success on the SAT.

At LAS, Inc., students receive one-on-one PSAT instruction with an individualized curriculum that features progress tracking and error analysis. Additionally, our instructors are specialized in targeted content review in the Evidence-Based Reading, Writing + Language, and Math sections of the exam. LAS scholastic managers combine content mastery along with a process-focused test taking strategy for maximum achievement.

This year, the PSAT will be offered on Wednesday, October 19th. LAS, Inc. is hosting a PSAT Crash Course on Sunday, October 9th to prepare students for this exam. This four-hour course will introduce students to the format of the test, what content to expect, and strategies to employ on the PSAT.

To register for the PSAT Crash Course or for more information on our test prep process, give us a call at (847) 446 5822.