Test Prep

Standardized tests are frequently high stakes and test preparation can be daunting. Whether it’s the SAT or the USMLE, students and educators often get bogged down in selecting their resources. Unfortunately, resources alone don’t ensure an adequate study plan or success.

At LAS, we offer test prep solutions that incorporate resources, study planning, progress tracking, and support for learning and achievement: The Hybrid Workshop, The Crash Course and one-on-one meetings. All test prep services are available year-round, in-person or via video, and sync up with national test dates.

Our evidence-based approach to test prep starts with pre-testing and incorporates error analyses and progress tracking, the foundation of the LAS test prep methodology. Our comprehensive, test prep approach helps deepen fund of knowledge and enhance test-taking skills, including strategies to overcome nervousness on high stakes exams.

The Hybrid Workshop
The LAS Hybrid Workshop includes twice-weekly meetings during an 8-week course. This format provides time to learn new material, practice recall, and enhance achievement scores. The first weekly meeting is group-based and introduces essential information, learning strategies, and test taking skills, while the second weekly meeting provides one-on-one support to address individualized learning goals. Options to add additional one-on-one meetings are always available. The Hybrid Workshop provides homework, personal study plans, and ongoing assessment opportunities, which culminate approximately one week before a national test date.

The Crash Course
The LAS Crash Course provides an overview of key content and essential test taking strategies in a compressed timeframe. Whether it’s an introduction or refresher to a standardized test, The Crash Course runs 7-10 days prior to most national test dates and provides homework and study planning for practice in the days prior to the exam.

To learn more about our test prep options, email us at contactus@lorenacademic.com or 847-446-5822.