Learning is dynamic, creative and idiosyncratic. It can take time to evolve and occurs at the point of readiness, not when it is forced.

Engage, Support, Foster

LAS designs Individual Education Plans, programs of study and faculty trainings that provide incisive curriculum, which fosters wellbeing, creativity and responsibility.

LAS meets in-person and online. All LAS services begin with Consultation Coordination and integrate evidence-based practices with measurable outcomes. LAS services include the 3 C’s: Coaching, Consulting, and Curriculum Design!

Evidence-Based Practices

We get “better” at what we practice. Practice builds stamina, efficiency and accuracy. It helps deepen comprehension and self-confidence and leads to increased academic achievement.

Research explains that practice is further enhanced by one-on-one instruction; particularly with a trusted individual at the point of need.

LAS understands that the point of need varies in every person and that is why LAS Educational Coaches specialize in differentiated instruction. LAS knows how to help students move beyond feelings of frustration, so learning prevails, self-confidence improves, and achievement increases.

Who We Are

LAS Coaches and Scholastic Managers support learners in health science education and general education. LAS Instructors are trained at LAS and teach organization skills and strategies that address inattention, distraction, reading challenges, and executive function difficulties.

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