Our Team

We believe that when a student has a supportive, empathic tutor, that relationship becomes a natural foundation for learning. When a tutor possess the highest levels of content knowledge, organizational skills and case management experience, the learning relationship is vital and productive.  At LAS Inc., we also believe that our tutors foster learning in intangible ways – with creativity, curiosity, empathy and many other forms of engagement. 

To ignite these intangibles and foster learning, LAS Inc., has expert tutors and educational therapists with degrees from top universities. They have a wide range of academic backgrounds including high-level math and science, reading and writing, education and psychology. Many of our tutors and all of our educational therapists hold M.A.’s, M.S.’s, or Ph.D.’s, as well as state certification in reading, special education, occupational therapy, clinical social work, clinical psychology, and elementary and secondary education. 

Each tutor must successfully complete Loren’s annual training programs that build on reading, writing, math and science knowledge, and include professional development in curriculum design, strategies for executive functioning support, test preparation and structured homework completion. Additionally, all LAS Inc., tutors receive on-going supervision for case management from Loren and her staff.

Here are some of our tutors: