LAS provides one-on-one coaching services (in-home and video-based) for students in K-12, higher ed, and health science education. We refer to our brand of coaching as scholastic management. With over 25 years of coaching experience, LAS uses an evidence-based approach to help students learn, achieve, and succeed.  

We know that tangible achievement is often fostered in intangible ways, therefore our evidence-based approach to test prep includes essential ingredients, empirical information, and most importantly, individualized one-on-one support. 

LAS is accustomed to coaching students with IEP plans and Section 504 Plans (in K-12, higher ed, and UME/GME). We specialize in providing support for test preparation or test remediation across the learning domains. All of our coaching includes written progress notes, meeting updates, progress tracking, and specific tasks and goals. Communication is punctual, informative and supportive. For some students that means weekly emails, for others that involves daily texts.   

We provide the following services in general and medical education:

  • Standardized test prep
  • Remediation in medical ed
  • ITE support
  • Board prep and recertification
  • ERAS application support
  • Accommodation support

Meet some of our coaches!