Meet Some of Our Medical Coaches

All LAS, Inc. medical coaches have significant experience in higher education and medical education. We are clinically trained and offer individual and group support for scholars in medical schools, residency programs, nursing programs, and physician-assistant programs.

We know that each person learns in a unique way but in the health sciences, all must achieve within a specific set of standards. Therefore, our medical coaches engage with students and residents so that each person learns the basic sciences, organ systems and standardized test preparation strategies from a structured, yet individualized perspective.


Loren and medical coaches provide one-on-one academic support in-person or via video chat, that is based on a relational model. All of our one-on-one support includes an individual plan with specific learning objectives and measurable goals. This allows us to see progress and make decisions based on empirical information.

Large and Small Workshops

The LAS Medical Team consults and provides support to leading medical centers nationwide. We collaboratively design and implement workshops, classes, and study groups that proactively address preparation for boards and IT exams. The team also specializes in time management strategies and overcoming test-anxiety.

Meet some of our medical coaches: