LAS Medical Coaches

Our medical coaches provide individual and group-based support to students, residents, practitioners, and faculty in health science education. This support includes our evidence-based approaches to learning and achievement, standardized test prep, and remediation.

Each person learns in a unique way, but in health science education, achievement is measured within a specific set of standards. Our medical coaches understand this and design education plans that foster a trusting relationship and accountability. They provide support at the point of need so students and residents can deepen their fund of knowledge and enhance achievement.

Each of our coaches must complete LAS medical coach training which includes principles of clinical social work, educational therapy, and teaching experience in the fields of general education and health science education. Our coaches attend weekly team meetings and ongoing trainings for professional development. Some are situated at medical schools or within GME programs. They are skilled educators who regularly collaborate with faculty.

One-on-one support and workshop-based learning
LAS medical coaches offer one-on-one academic support in-person or via videoconferencing and workshop-based learning on campuses, within GME departments, and during scheduled retreats. Our coaches have years of experience providing accountability, assessing progress, and supporting students who are preparing for high stakes board exams and In-Training exams. Our medical coaches understand the relationship between clinical skills management and academic preparation and know how to design remediation plans that cultivate study protocols for future success.

One-on-one support starts with an initial meeting to clarify goals, relevant historical information, and to establish a baseline from which to begin. The meeting culminates in a written plan that includes learning objectives, measurable goals, and progress tracking.

LAS Workshops include an initial consultation meeting, a written plan with workshop goals, and outcomes. Our coaches consult to leading medical centers and are accustomed to collaborating with students, faculty, and administrators. LAS medical coaches support preparation for boards and IT exams. The team also specializes in time management strategies and overcoming test-anxiety.

Meet some of our medical coaches: