Our Process

At LAS Inc., we start with a simple premise: students achieve more when they learn at their own pace with a supportive and knowledgeable instructor. This core belief lays the foundation for developing a relationship with each of our students and provides a context in which we design curriculum. Whether we tutor one student or consult an entire school, we start by designing a strategic plan with measurable goals.

In our learning and innovation center, we test and re-test study strategies, learning enhanced technology, and our research-based tool kit. Students, families and schools are invited (and encouraged!) to collaborate with us in this process. We view this as an opportunity to work together and create a learning environment that is responsive to an individual’s needs or to an academic department’s standards. In addition to our individual curriculum, we design and implement training and workshops for small and large groups.

All of our curricula are designed to integrate content with organization skills, executive functioning support, and progress tracking. Below is a list with some of our offerings.

K-12: Individual and Small Group Workshops
A Play on Words: A workshop for emerging readers
ACT Hybrid Workshop
Reading and Writing Across the Curriculum
The Common App Writing Workshop
The Parent Coffee Group

Many of our K-12 workshops have a companion parent workshop. For more information, please give us a call. 

Higher Education
Transitions: Moving beyond Post-Secondary School
Issues of Learning Group: Confronting Procrastination

Medical Education
One-on-one medical student support 
USMLE Step 1 Prep  
NBME Clerkship Exam Prep
One-on-one residency support
Anesthesiology: The New Staged Exam System 
General Surgery: ABSITE prep
Internal Medicine: ABIM prep 
In-Training Exam Prep: A workshop series (all specialties)
Board Certification and MOCA Prep: A workshop series (all specialties)

LAS provides consultation and support when requesting testing accommodations. 

All of our medical education workshops are designed to include consultation and support. We offer many curricular options; for more information, please give us a call at 847-446-5822 or 310-986-6265.